A business is nothing without its PEOPLE. It is the team who represent your brand and help you achieve your objectives. So having the right people in the right position is key and the biggest challenge for any business leader is getting this part right.

Many business owners are so excited about their new business and quite often become quickly frustrated because the people around them don’t have the same excitement and passion as they do.

So how do you put together a super highly motivated team who are as passionate about your business as you are?

The key is to first understand what drives people, what inspires and motivates them.

Different people have different aspirations and levels of personal achievement, but as humans we all have our basic needs.

Satisfying these 6 BASIC HUMAN NEEDS will lead to creating happy motivated individuals and build an amazing company culture.

1. CERTAINTY. People need a sense of security with their jobs. They need to feel safe. Provide whatever is necessary to give them this certainty; employment contracts, re-assurance through frequent communication and periodic appraisals. Don’t just take it for granted that your people feel secure, make them feel secure.

2. VARIETY. It is human nature to become bored by doing the same job every day. That widely used
phrase “Variety is the spice of life” very much applies to the business world. Offer people different roles
in different areas of your business and challenge people to take on more responsibility even if they think
they are not ready. You’ll be surprised to see how many people are up for a challenge.

3. GROWTH. As humans we naturally love to learn new things. At an early age, our parents and teachers
at school were always teaching us something. So wouldn’t it be natural as a business owner to continue
to provide your people with opportunities to learn? Training courses, team building and information
sharing forums are vital for growth.

4. SIGNIFICANCE. Employees like to be recognised for what they do. They need to feel that what they
are doing is contributing towards the success of the company. This is the time to sell your vision to your
team and the role they play and to ensure they understand how leaders create leaders.

5. LOVE AND CONNECTION. People need love, care and attention. Be nice to your people. It sounds
obvious but so many leaders seem to overlook this basic human need. Leadership is all about serving
people and the best way to serve them is to listen to them and show that you genuinely care.

6. CONTRIBUTION. People love to feel they are contributing to something. This could be by either
giving back to the community in the form of charitable activities or contributing their expertise and
experience to a new employee.

Next time you hear someone talking about being bored in their job, it is just a clear sign that one of their basic human needs is not being fulfilled.

The other challenge for leaders is to know when their employees are not being satisfied as most employees don’t come up to their boss on a monday morning and say “you are not satisfying my basic human needs, what are you going to do about it?” It’s up to leaders and business owners to be aware of these needs and signals and to proactively find ways to satisfy them.

Success in business always comes back to people and the more you understand their needs and can satisfy them, the more you can bring out the best in them.