In 2004, Stephen Kerslake and Tran Dang Dan got together as business partners with a small dream to set up a sandwich company.
Today, they are running several companies with over 700 employees.
They love building companies that serve people and are passionate about empowering people.
From a young age, Stephen had always wanted to set up his own business but never did anything about it. At the age of 40 after working in the hotel industry for over 20 years, an idea one day to make pre-packed sandwiches gave him the enthusiasm and excitement to go out and make it happen. Stephen asked Dan, a work colleague if he would like to join him in this business venture.
With little money and no idea about setting up a business, the pair resigned from their comfortable jobs and set about to conquer the Vietnamese market with their sandwiches.
From the Bite sandwich company, Stephen and Dan then created The Caterers which provide catering for events, and meals for schools and industrial canteens.
Today, The Caterers now provide meals for over 30 international schools nationwide across Vietnam and cater for over 650 events a year.
Stephen and Dan also set up and acquired the following companies; The Cleaners, School Food, Quang Lap event equipment hire and Hot bread.
This website is our place to record all the awesome things we have done over the years, share our stories and business advice and hopefully inspire others to go out and make their dreams happen.
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