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To Become the Best, Learn from the Best

Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, which controls more than 400 companies and probably the most admired entrepreneur on our planet. One of the keys to success is to simply model the best. The effects on your business and personal success of learning from experts in your field can be astonishing. [...]

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If we don’t progress, we stay stagnant.

When I was young, I went through a very hard life, "Life is so hard!!!!", I asked myself the questions…..What is there to do to be successful in life? and how is that many people out there are so successful and many others are not? And I started to be curious about it and took [...]

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Its Important to Dream.

Every one of us started from somewhere! Many years back, I worked on different part-time jobs to keep my study going, dreaming one day I could be employed by a Company where I could learn and learn without having an idea what I was going to learn!?? One day, that dream came true and I [...]

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“procrastination gets you nowhere”

Like most people I used to be pretty good at procrastinating. (I guess this is something not to be proud of) Quite frankly, I didn't fully understand what the word meant. I could honestly say I even put off the simple task in looking up the meaning of procrastination in the dictionary. Today, I have [...]

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6 steps to building a highly motivated team

A business is nothing without its PEOPLE. It is the team who represent your brand and help you achieve your objectives. So having the right people in the right position is key and the biggest challenge for any business leader is getting this part right. Many business owners are so excited about their new business [...]

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