Best to read from bottom up!


Helping Others Grow

The Caterers Academy was born with the vision to provide training and to share valuable knowledge to help people become more successful in their lives.

Any Excuse To Celebrate

It was our 10th anniversary so we had a very good excuse to celebrate with our biggest staff party yet.

The Dream Came True

Expanded our operation for the school canteens into Hanoi, the north of Vietnam.

Thank You Team

Picked up an award for “High Quality Product and Services 2015” by Nguoi Tieu Dung newspaper.


A New Company Is Born

Created a new company called The Cleaners. (with a little slogan… “first impressions count”)

Ready For Any Challenge

Took on our biggest sit down dinner event to date which was for 2,500 people.


Acquired Quang Lap company, which was a family business providing equipment hire for events. Quite handy as we were one of their biggest customers.


New Business

Won our first contract to provide staff meals for a factory.

An Exciting Opportunity

Took on the management and bought into School Food Company, adding 130 new people to our team.

More Natural

Launched our new environmentally friendly packaging for Bite

Bigger Family

Our growing family reached 500 people.


Expanding Family

We extended our office sideways by taking on the building next door to accommodate the growing team.

Watching Tomatoes Grow

Our team gets dirty down at the farm to learn how our fruit and veg is grown.


Yes We Have No Bananas!

We consumed 120,000 Bananas over the year. (Well our customers did, not us!)

A Big Warm Welcome

Our 300th team member was welcomed

12th Contract

We were delighted to be awarded our 12th International school contract.


Climbed A Mountain

Well almost! Our team enjoyed a rock climbing teambuilding event.

Spreading Our Wings

Won our first school contract outside the city


Don’t Forget The Plates

Catered for the grand opening of a dairy farm in a remote field, in the north of Vietnam, several hours drive from the nearest city.

Low Cost Marketing

Received a new truck with our company logo on the side. Immediately drove it around town all day just to advertise.


Another Excuse To Celebrate

Our 80th member joined the team so we had a party to celebrate. We made our own sandwiches and cake.

Things Were Looking Up

Won the contract to provide meals for an airline for their domestic flights.

A Proper Head Office

We out grew our first building and moved to a larger building. We now had desks we could sit at and a kitchen which gave us an excuse to celebrate.


There’s Always A First Time For Everything

Catered for our first event in Hanoi which is a two hour flight from our base. Whilst there, we dreamt of opening an office in Hanoi one day in the future.

New Doors Opening

An opportunity comes our way to provide meals for an international Kindergarten followed soon after for a primary school canteen.

Thank You Customers

more and more enquiries came in to cater for events which saved us from going bankrupt


A New Name

Came up with the name The Caterers for events and kept the name Bite for the sandwich deliver.

A Bit Too Ambitious

Opened our first Bite sandwich take-away outlet. Closed it 6 months later. Another lesson learnt about failure.

Another Bad Idea At The Time

We closed our first Banh Khot outlet. Started to learn a lot about failure.

A Bad Idea At The Time

We closed our first Bite cafe. We were less excited.


Another Good Idea At The Time

We opened our first outlet selling “Banh Khot” a traditional Vietnamese pancake. Dream was to open many outlets.

A Good Idea At The Time

We opened our first Bite cafe. We were very excited



Stephen and Dan resigned from their full time jobs and decided to get stuck in and go for it.

Grabbing The Opportunity

Met with the management of the exhibition centre with the objective to sell our sandwiches at their shows. Walked out of the meeting having confirmed to provide the centre with full-blown catering services. Needed to think fast how to make this happen as the next show was in just a few weeks time.

First Big Order

One of our first customers ordered 120 sandwiches which was our biggest order to date. Super excited.


The Real Office

Actually this was the office. We could work from anywhere and everywhere. Nice but not very practical.

The Office

Actually there was no office, but a very small room where they could make the sandwiches.

The Idea

With big dreams, little money and good intentions, they made some sandwiches and started to sell them to a few small shops. The business needed a name. "Bite" seemed quite catchy although the original logo is pretty awful.

Shake Hands

Stephen and Dan, who worked together in a hotel in Vietnam, decide to start a business. A sandwich business.